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Fanuc Servo Motor Testing

Fanuc Servo Motor Testing

Using a meter or megohm meter to diagnose a FANUC motor circuit should follow these basic guidelines. You can use the steps in this technique to check for shorts in cables, windings, or openings. Make careful to switch off all power sources to the equipment before beginning the test, and then separate the 3-phase motor connections from the drive end. Check the cable visually to make sure it is in good condition before starting the test.

Short to ground test

OHM meter usage:

Remove the machine's amplifiers and any power sources. Check the ground wire and the three wires at phases T1, T2, and T3 (all three phases). If the readings are 0 or show any continuity, there is an issue with the cable or the motor. The readings for this should be infinite. To do this, cut the cable, then examine each component independently. Make sure that neither of the leads, including the other leads, are touching anything. A standard grade meter set to at least 10 megaohms may be used to detect the majority of servo motor shorts.

Megohm meter usage:

Remove all power from the machine. Check the ground wire and the three wires at phases T1, T2, and T3 (all three phases). The recommended reading range is 600–2000 megohms. Most shorts will be 20 Megohms or less. When taking the reading, take care to avoid touching the leads or wires to anything as this might result in a misleading reading. Although this is not a universal rule, there should be around 1000 Ohms of resistance for every volt of incoming electricity. If it ranges from 230 to 600 meg, the cable could be degrading.

Open or short windings test

OHM meter usage:

Remove the machine's power supply completely. Test T1 to T2, T2 to T3, and T1 to T3 with the meter set to ohms. The typical value should be 0.8 ohms, but the range should be between 0.3 and 2.0 ohms. There is a short between the two phases if it is zero. The value will be infinite or significantly higher than 2,000 ohms if it is an open.

Take notes on plug and cable:

The cable connecting to the motor frequently develops coolant stains. Dry it out and retest; if the problem persists, replace the inserts since they will develop burn marks and may short out. Check the brushes if the motor is a DC one. Around the motor, there ought to be 3–4 circular caps to be removed. A spring and a square block (brush) are underneath these. As they might need to be changed, check to see how much is remaining.

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