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All Yaskawa Drive Types

All Yaskawa Drive Types

Yaskawa Electric is an international manufacturer of high-quality components for automation and robotics. They have servo, controller, switch, robot, drive, and other specialties. There are several industrial uses for these components. We shall describe the various Yaskawa drive types in this article.

CIMR Drives

E7 Drives: Created for HVAC applications in commercial buildings. Modbus, APOGEE FLN, and Metasys N2 integrated.

F7 Drives: Versatile drive with a well-rounded design. contains an expandable NEMA Type 12 enclosure with room for filters, fuses, I/O cards, and more.

G7 Drives: A low voltage drive that employs three levels of control to deal with the issues caused by excessively lengthy motor connections and early motor bearing failure. Excellent flexibility and performance of vectors. Pre-engineered cabinet solutions are provided along with configured alternatives.

P7 Drives: Designed for applications requiring variable torque, such as fans and centrifugal pumps.

GPD Drives

GPD 333: General Purpose AC Drive, which is only 1/4 the size of typical PWM drives.

GPD 503/505/506: High-performance three-phase voltage/frequency output with variable speed control.

GPD 515: A PWM AC drive with excellent beginning torque and little motor noise.


J1000 Drives: General-purpose drives with preferred parameter feature and open loop voltage/frequency control. 7.5 HP of simple variable speed.

V1000 Drives: Compact current vector drives are intended to be easily maintained and efficient. up to 25 HP possible. economical for simple applications requiring varying speeds.

V1000-4X Drives: Exactly the same as the V1000 drive but with a dust-tight casing.

Other Drives

A1000 Drives: Up to 1000 HP high-performance general-purpose drive. used for all purposes.

P1000 Drives: Powerful torque performance that can sustain 1000 HP. focused on applications requiring variable torque, such as fans and centrifugal pumps. Options for configuration and bypass are offered.

U1000 Industrial Matrix Drives: High-performance vector drive that is regenerative and up to 800 HP. a broad term used.

If you need assistance in finding the drive, motor, or servo system you require, just let us know. We have access to a worldwide supply chain network and can locate exactly what you need. We also offer a wide range of other parts and components for a variety of machines and equipment, including:

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  • Circuit Boards
  • Power Supplies
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  • Other Motors


Our qualified customer service representatives can help assist you in locating parts for your machines and equipment, provide you with a quote, and help you set up maintenance, repair, or installation services from one of our qualified technicians. To further demonstrate that you are aware of what to look for, contact us at (956) 246-7411 or send an email to if you need any further assistance.

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