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Benefits of Operating Motors with Drives

Benefits of Operating Motors with Drives

Equipment that helps control a machine's speed is referred to as adjustable speed drives (ASDs) or variable-speed drives (VSDs). They are typically used in mechanical equipment that has motors.

The drives provide accurate electrical motor control, allowing users to raise, lower, and maintain motor speeds.

Energy Saver:

Centrifugal fan and pump loads used with variable speed drives are decreased because of energy consumption. If the speed of the fan is reduced by a third or half, the horsepower required to run the fan is reduced by a significantly bigger amount. Everyone is aware that energy savings are what technicians in machine automation want.

Torque Limit Control:

Machines can be shielded from potential harm by utilizing an adjustable speed drive. The motor's ability to apply a certain amount of torque to a load is completely controllable.

Current Starting Control:

When an ac motor is started "across the line," it typically takes seven to eight attempts to start the motor and load.

The significantly lower beginning current of an adjustable speed drive lengthens the life of an ac motor. The advantages include less motor deterioration, which results in longer motor life and fewer motor rewinds.

Governed Stopping:

The amount of product loss caused by machine-driven wear and tear due to process shocks is reduced by governed stopping backups.

Reversed Operation:

When using an adjustable speed drive, the need for a reversing starter is lessened. The electrical morphing of the motor's output phases is the cause for this. Removing the reversing starter reduces panel area while also lowering the cost of maintenance.

Starting with Decreased Power Demand:

When starting an AC motor across the line, substantially more power is required than when starting an adjustable speed drive. This is only the case initially since, regardless of the motor's variable speed, the power needed to operate it at load would be the same.

Operating an Adjustable Speed:

The use of an adjustable speed drive enables process automation and process modification implementation. This permits starting at a slower pace and allows process controllers to remotely adjust speed.

Mechanical Drive Components Removal:

It is possible to reduce the requirement for expensive mechanical drive parts like gearboxes by adopting an adjustable speed drive. Because it can operate with an infinite variable speed, the AC drive can transfer the high and/or low speed required by the load while maintaining a constant speed between the motor and load.

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