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Fanuc Alarm 466 – Z Axis: Motor/Amp Combination

Fanuc Alarm 466 – Z Axis: Motor/Amp Combination

We recently supplied a Fanuc A06B-6096-H209 Servo Amp unit to a customer, and after installed, they received a Fanuc Alarm 466, which relates to the Z Axis: Motor/Amp Combination. It is understandably upsetting for a consumer to purchase a replacement unit and then receive an alert when it is installed, but luckily, this is a simple repair.

This Fanuc Alarm 466 is generated by the replacement amplifier, which has newer servo software than the unit it is replacing. As Fanuc has produced newer units, the software/hardware within these amplifiers has been upgraded, so you only need to reset a parameter to reboot the configuration and clear the 466 Alarm. The steps are outlined below.

How to Operate:

  • Set the machine in emergency stop
  • Navigate to parameter 2165 on the control
  • All the values should be set to 0
  • Remove the machine out of the emergency stop

The alarm will go off and the amplifier will start up after these parameters are modified and the machine is restarted.



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