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Collecting Information Before Doing A Repair

Collecting Information Before Doing A Repair

Automation of machines always results in downtime. The 'profits lost' clock will likely start ticking as soon as manufacturing stops since orders will probably start piling up immediately. Many machine automation technicians would lean toward shipping the defective component to be fixed as soon as possible once the failing part has been found. While CNCTOOLSLLC values the business, we also want to make sure that our clients are as knowledgeable as possible and capable of handling problems on their own.

Many people working in the machine automation field might discover that the problem can be resolved internally rather than by outsourcing a part if they gather their observations and carefully examine them. Contacting us to get with our technicians for more information can offer more detailed and insightful information about what might have happened. Any way to prevent a problem in the future is worth looking into!

Machines used in industrial automation, as is common knowledge, are made up of several interrelated elements and components. As a result, it's crucial to pay attention to any linked difficulties that may or have already happened. The ideal practice would be to submit the drive (such as a FANUC Robotics Drive) and the motor it is linked to to preventative maintenance to be checked simultaneously in the case of a failure. You could learn by speaking with the machine technicians that in addition to the motor (such a FANUC CNC motor) and drive, additional components could be sent for preventative maintenance. Remember that our trained technicians will probably be able to draw attention to machine specifics that others might not see or consider. Nobody wants to encounter a problem, resolve it, and then encounter it again, due to lack of understanding.

No matter how many cables you need to unhook—two or 500—document everything. Label your cables before removing the damaged component. Make sure the item you're using is stable and will stay attached. Use tape that won't come off with oil or dust instead. Take photos of the procedure before, during, and after it. These images might prevent you from having a major issue later. Additionally, if possible, record any settings and save any parameters before the device is turned off.

You would probably save yourself a lot of trouble if you carefully listed every component or cable that needed to be disassembled. Nobody likes to remove a machine only to find out later that a wire or bolt was misplaced, causing the dreaded downtime that everyone in the manufacturing and industrial automation industries dislikes. Don't be hesitant to record the disassembling process on camera or with multiple images; this will be helpful to look back on, particularly when limited on time or during a busy season of the year.

Make sure to write or type your explanation down in order to make the most of your time with the service center. If more than one employee may communicate with the service center, make sure they are all aware of any information that could be useful in resolving the current issue or issues. New and used components are now available through CNCTOOLSLLC, which also provides repair quotes. To learn how to save, be sure to visit at our website cnctoolsllc. Call (956) 246-7411 or send an email to for additional details.

Pack the part or pieces securely and correctly to prevent shipment damage. Nobody wants a simple and quick remedy to become a lengthy fix as a result of being too lazy or lacking the motivation to look into proper packing procedures.

If you need assistance in finding the drive, motor, or servo system you require, just let us know. We have access to a worldwide supply chain network and can locate exactly what you need. We also offer a wide range of other parts and components for a variety of machines and equipment, including:

  • Spindle Drives
  • Spindle Drive Motors
  • Monitors
  • Controls
  • Circuit Boards
  • Power Supplies
  • Rotary Tables
  • Other Motors

Our qualified customer service representatives can help assist you in locating parts for your machines and equipment, provide you with a quote, and help you set up maintenance, repair, or installation services from one of our qualified technicians. To further demonstrate that you are aware of what to look for, contact us at (956) 246-7411 or send an email to if you need any further assistance. 

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