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Selecting a Fanuc CNC

Selecting a Fanuc CNC

It might be tough and sometimes stressful to purchase and construct a new CNC (see FANUC CNC products on our website). Downtime needs to be minimized as much as humanly (or robotically) possible regardless of the environment you're in.  Check out our advice to prevent typical CNC problems.

Low construction quality would be one of the main causes of CNC downtime. To avoid downtime, high-quality linear guides, linear boxes, and ball screws must be designed. Unfortunately, many high-quality parts and a small number of less expensive, lower-quality parts are often used to construct CNC machines. Even if a machine may be made up primarily of top-of-the-line, high-quality elements, problems are still likely to arise because of the low-quality parts. Like other machines, a CNC machine is only as strong as its weakest link.

You can typically tell if the tool changer's position will be an issue by looking at where it is. In the field of CNC, flawed tool changer designs are rather frequent. Another design choice would be preferable if accessing the tool changer to, say, remove and replace the cam followers is difficult. Don't be hesitant to look at other excellent ideas and concepts that have previously succeeded for others.

Poor-quality spindles should be avoided at all costs because they are common and can cause problems. Examine the spindles' bearings thoroughly. You're okay to go if they're numerous and appear larger-than-average. If they are too small, find examples where the spindles' bushings have caused problems to develop your standard. Additionally, examine their horsepower; if it is below average, avoid it at all costs. Low horsepower spindles are susceptible to stalling, which frequently leaves several other components stacked on top of the spindle. It is impossible to avoid maintenance and combining it with pointless rebuilds is impractical and likely to lead to lost time and money.

CNC tolerance needs to be very tight. In general, life expectancy increases with minimal tolerance. A smoother functioning will also be the outcome of tighter tolerance. FANUC CNC components are offered by CNCTOOLSLLC in new and refurbished condition. We also provide prices for repairs. Call (956) 246-7411 or send an email to for additional details.

If you need assistance in finding the drive, motor, or servo system you require, just let us know. We have access to a worldwide supply chain network and can locate exactly what you need. We also offer a wide range of other parts and components for a variety of machines and equipment, including:

  • Spindle Drives
  • Spindle Drive Motors
  • Monitors
  • Controls
  • Circuit Boards
  • Power Supplies
  • Rotary Tables
  • Other Motors


Our qualified customer service representatives can help assist you in locating parts for your machines and equipment, provide you with a quote, and help you set up maintenance, repair, or installation services from one of our qualified technicians. To further demonstrate that you are aware of what to look for, contact us at (956) 246-7411 or send an email to if you need any further assistance.
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