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Who Uses CNC Machinery?

Who Uses CNC Machinery?

Common industries where CNC machines are utilized include:

Consumer electronics: CNC machining is used to make many consumer electronics parts, including enclosures for laptops and tiny mobile phone parts. Depending on the items they are making, the industry often employs multi-access machining centers or EDM equipment.

Automotive: CNC lathes are used in the automobile sector to make acrylic lighting parts and cylinder heads.

Robotic: Precision gears, unique fixtures, and jigs may all be made by robotics firms using CNC multi-axis machining centers and associated EDM machinery.

Aerospace: Essential aviation components including stator assemblies and turbine exhaust struts are produced by the aerospace industry using horizontal and vertical boring mills, EDMs, and 5-axis CNC machining centers.

Medical: Manufacturing companies use CNC machining tools like EDMs, lathes, and multi-axis machining centers because the medical device industry has little room for error and demands precise medical equipment.

Manufacturers in these industries, as well as others, use CNC machining processes to effectively create high-quality components from a variety of materials. 

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